Client Feedback

“I had been having trouble with my stomach as well as stress, migraine and anxiety, I felt I needed to get some direction from a professional and Ciara was highly recommended to me.

After a month of a few changes to my diet and supplements as advised by Ciara I definitely felt I was guided in the right direction. Massive improvement in my digestive problems, no headaches and anxiety levels decreased immensely.

Ciara made me feel relaxed from the first time I contacted her, the time and effort she puts in for each client is above and beyond.
I just feel healthier and brighter. I also no longer have hunger attacks as I am eating the right foods at the right time and choosing healthier options.

I would highly recommend you and I have been doing so. Many people could benefit greatly from your good advice.
You keep it real, you are easy to talk to and you certainly know your stuff. Your dedication to your clients is brilliant” J.B. June 2018.

“I was struggling with my eating for a while, yet I didn’t know how to go about rectifying it. I was under-eating and following a restrictive diet. Booking an appointment with Ciara was the best thing I’ve ever done and I haven’t looked back since.

Ciara was so professional and non-judgmental in her approach. She devised an excellent diet plan which I followed and enjoyed. The recipes were easy to follow, extremely nutritious and tasty. She also provided me with an abundance of information and tips which I continue to use daily and helps me make informed decisions.

My energy levels have increased, I have never felt happier and healthier and I haven’t gained any weight as the plan devised was so specific to my needs, really, achievable and not over whelming.

Thank you so much Ciara for everything. K.L. March 2018

“Just a short note to say thank you for all your wonderful knowledge (which you manage to disseminate in such a clear manner, making it ‘real’ rather than just jargon that means nothing to the average person!) you are always a great support and go the extra mile for your clients – which is most appreciated.

Having spent the past few years feeling crappy and constantly relying on antibiotics I am now starting to feel healthier, this is entirely down to the nutritional advice you have given over the past few months, I can honestly say its the best money and time I have ever spent!

Thanks again, C.G February 2018

” Just reading your Facebook post on IBS and thought I’d send you a message and I can really identify with your post.
For me personally I was always very lucky and didn’t suffer from any form of IBS until I got 2 strains of c-diff and a lengthy stay in hospital, slowly IBS /SIBO took over my life with only Buscopan and peppemint oil capsules! I recall explaining to my doctor that this was not helping but he still didn’t feel the need to send me to anyone for help.
Unable to leave the house,nausea Fatigue anxiety/depression etc .
It was only that i decided I had to find help !
That’s were you came in , with your help & nutritional diet and supplements I can now plan a day and eat out if I want.
My journey will be on going, but I have learned from you how to do things to keep my digestive and gut healthy.

I recommend you highly to anyone out there suffering from digestive symptoms, which left untreated can take over ones life.
Thank you” L.K.

“I attended Ciara for a number of health issues, mainly underactive thyroid and the symptoms associated with it, high cholesterol and menopausal symptoms. Ciara is a lovely lady, explained everything in great detail and in an easy to understand manner. She formulated a stage by stage nutrition plan for me and as a result I was able to come off my cholesterol medication, which I’d been on for 13 years. My thyroid numbers came down, my pain has decreased and I lost an incredible 3 stone. Ciara has changed the way I think about food and I’ve learnt so much from her. The better I eat, the better I feel, my eating habits have changed forever. Knowing what I know now about my health issues and how various nutrients and foods affect them I will never go back to eating unhealthy again. Thanks Ciara, I would highly recommend you.” AmcN



“E is getting on brilliant on the new diet – we can see a huge improvement. No more overflow; constipation or accidents. We’re delighted, things wouldn’t have changed if it wasn’t for you.” S.G. August 2016



“I train everyday but felt that I wasn’t getting the best out of my sessions. I felt that my diet was a real issue and wanted to fix it and learn more about what food I was using to fuel my training sessions.
I’ve learned A LOT about nutrition from our consultations. The food we choose to fuel our daily activities plays a huge role in our ability to complete tasks efficiently and effectively. If you want to run 10miles or cycle 60k, it is necessary to choose the correct carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals to achieve this task. Unfortunately I was not doing this before I went to see Ciara. I ran/cycled out of energy or fuel and couldn’t reach my destination with ease. Ciara gave me a new outlook on fuelling. This has helped enormously. I’m reaching and completing my targets and the best part is, I feel good about it afterwards. I’ve fuelled enough and am prepared for the remainder of my day! I’ve found a huge difference in my energy levels. School is draining at the moment and the increase in good nutrients is helping immensely too!”



“I loved Ciara’s honesty. She wasn’t afraid to tell me when I was making a mess. She was also up front with alternatives to foods I am eating. She was very willing to research topics and find new answers for some of my ailments. Ciara introduced me to proper healthy smoothies!! I love them!!! I’m eating a whole lot more fruit and vegetables. I’m using different herbs, spices, nuts and more natural food products than ever before. After 39yrs Im regular!!! Yeppee.”



“I found working with Ciara a really good and positive experience. She used a very thorough questionnaire in our initial consultation. She read through all my details and was very prepared for our first meeting. She had great suggestions and alternatives. I left the first session knowing I had a lot to change, but confident in the alternatives I was given. I felt I would be able to make the necessary changes” R.C. Jan 2016



“Thank you so much Ciara for helping me see what I needed to do and change to help me figure out what was going on with my body. As someone who is extremely into health and looking after my body it was so helpful to discuss the best steps for me to take to achieve better health. I know I came to you with lots of ideas and possible causes for my particular health concerns but you made it very clear and concise and I left our first appointment really feeling like things were looking up and I had a solid plan to improve my psoriasis and some digestive discomfort. I would highly recommend Ciara no matter how small your health concern is, she is friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable.  I am pleased that my symptoms have improved and I hope to continue to work towards further improvement now that I am armed with the knowledge I learned through my time with Ciara.  Thanks so much again”. SMcP


“I was aware for a long time that my eating habits were far from ideal. When I had gestational diabetes which I was able to manage with diet I saw the difference it could make to my energy levels. After my pregnancy I did manage to lose a significant amount of weight but then I gained it back again and got really frustrated. I had reservations about seeing a nutritionist as I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to commit to making the drastic changes that I thought they would demand of me. Having met Ciara I felt that I could work with her and that she would have a more realistic approach. The first thing she helped me to do was to get my blood sugar under control, which made a massive difference to my energy levels and eating patterns. I know how to eat to keep my energy steady throughout the day. I’ve lost over 2 stone and know that I can lose the rest. I liked her approach of suggesting changes in a way that worked for me, for my life and my family. I found the pace that Ciara set for me was enough to give me results and kept me motivated but without swamping me and leaving me overwhelmed. I have and will recommend Ciara to anybody who isn’t 100% happy with their eating or who has any health problems which may be helped by changes to their eating habits. Ciara is straight talking, supportive, motivational and really understands how all of the pieces of healthy eating fit together for each individual person and their lifestyle.” A.McQ


“One on the reasons I went to Ciara was to help with my diet and weight after having my 1st baby.  My making some small changes that Ciara suggested helped me feel so much better, no more bloating and I actually lost some weight to so it was all good.  I learned a lot about good food choices from Ciara and find that so things are just instilled in me now, as they are easy and practical and become second nature.  Ciara also shared with me some great information on baby nutrition, which I am finding invaluable in trying to ensure my little one has the best start with food.  I cannot recommend Ciara enough.  Thank you Ciara.” A.L.



“I am feeling so much better and my digestion and overall stomach issues have improved significantly” T.W.



“I feel so much better it was incredible, right from the very beginning. The pain in my hands is gone and my asthma has disappeared and my energy level is way up. And the bumps on my face are practically gone….and my arthritis pains are really reduced……don’t see any reason to ever go back on my old food routine….Also lost a stone in weight so far.” M.S



“Your excellent advice and support is what really making me do this, I can’t thank you enough, keeping me focused” A.P



“Ciara, thank you so much for treating me! I learnt so much and it was great that you gave me so much info on the, Whys, of what I needed to do! Then for all the recipes and meal ideas, you understood so well what I love and my addiction to milk!!! Lol it’s still my drug of choice but have managed to get off it and feel so much better! More alkaline now, kicking sugar out too xxx and dont have the severe pain from the fibromyalgia now xxx” A.T



“Thanks so much for helping me with my nutritional requirements I’d highly recommend you for nutrition support, advice, dietary changes, supplements and your passion in what you do!” N.M.



“Ciara’s presentation on Nutrition was appreciated by all, with a lot of interaction and a light hearted delivery. She gave very clear and researched advice with a variety of informative handouts.

Overall it was an excellent presentation and we look forward to her return each year.” – Premier Periclase”



“I visited Ciara to see if she could help me.  My daughter presented with the following problems: fatigue, itchy scalp, constipation, hives and sugar cravings.  Her behaviour also suffered due to the tiredness etc. What I initially thought was Candida was ruled out by doing laboratory testing.  Based on a protocol provided by Ciara we treated her using various supplements and changes in her diet.  I noticed a huge improvement in her concentration levels, mood and willingness to eat healthier foods.  Although she does still ask for sugary snacks, we have explained to her why these foods are not good for her and how it affects her and she has begun to understand my reasons for not giving in.  Although she does present with constipation from time to time we can now manage it better and it is never as bad as it had been in the past.  Her symptoms are continuing to diminish” – R. K



“Dear Ciara, I just wanted to send on my thanks for working with me and indeed my family over the past few months.  From our initial meeting until the present your approach was gentle and non-judgemental.  You listened carefully on the first meeting and devised a plan to run with.  I must admit I did have a few “slip ups” but I was amazed at the “back to basics” approach to food which has helped tremendously.

I had been suffering with nasal congestion for some time and by finding alternatives to certain dairy products I am happy to say I am “breathing easy” again.  Your advice on products in the weekly shop has been a great help and as I am the shopper I am making healthier choices.  I introduced the changes slowly but the benefits are showing.  I have combined the new regime with gentle exercise and have lost weight but most importantly am maintaining it, which is fantastic as I have fluctuated for a few years.

Because I am keeping my blood sugars even through your plan, I don’t crave certain foods any more.  The kids and my husband are on board as well so we are conscious of what we are ingesting and enjoying our food more.  I like the way you are always available for a consultation and I have learned more in one hour than any weight loss class or programme.  I have recommended you to many friends. Thank you Ciara and I look forward to working together again.” – C.B

“Having suffered for almost 16 years of with constant sick stomach and constipation and being labelled under the “IBS” umbrella I went to see Ciara on the advice of a colleague. Having gone through my diet and lifestyle in detail, Ciara was able to determine what foods didn’t agree with me. I would have to say that she has made a massive difference to my lifestyle but more importantly no more constipation or constant stomach sickness. Thanks a million Ciara.” M.B

“I went to Ciara looking for advise on how to cut out bad habits, eating healthy and how to stabilise my blood sugar levels. Three children, a job that involves rushing around and a husband that works shifts. I found it very hard to juggle everything and eating healthy wasn’t possible…so I thought. Ciara filled me full of advice, tips and support. I’m nearly on my second week now and still the advice and support is being given. Thank you so much Ciara!!!” – R. R

“We booked Ciara Ryan to do a talk in our gym for an 8 week programme we held called Fit Club. It was very informative and made it easy to understand. We got great feedback from our group and we really enjoyed having her!. Great tips and advice, would recommend her to anyone! Thanks again” – Titan Strength and Fitness!

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