How to Shift Belly Fat

How to Shift Belly Fat

I really sympathise with clients who struggle to shift weight.  Despite what some people think, it’s not always easy or straightforward, there are many factors involved.  I’m one of those who tend to gain weight very easily despite being a nutritional therapist with a healthy diet and regular exercise.  My big problem area is my belly!! I’m a typical apple shape.   This is not good for 2 reasons.  ONE being that increased abdominal fat increases your risk of many diseases and TWO it’s often the hardest fat to shift.

Whilst I’m all for positive body image and being comfortable in your own skin sometimes the weight creeps up and you need to do something about it.  Make dietary changes, support particular hormonal pathways, optimise your nutrient status, up your exercise, address stress, get enough sleep and so on.

With a family sun holiday coming up in a few weeks I’m on a bit of a belly blasting mission.  My first tool is Intermittent Fasting.  Whilst most of the studies are animal studies and more hard evidence needs to be gathered on this I’m really impressed with the data on this,  an easy read referenced article here.  There are many ways to do Intermittent Fasting, the simplest being to leave a 14-16 hour gap between your last meal of the evening and your first meal of the following day.  That’s it!  Eat normally (as in normally healthy) for the rest of the day.

My second tool is reducing the starchy carbohydrate content of my diet.  Starchy carbohydrates are breads, oats, rice, pasta, potatoes and sweet potato.  Yes, even the wholegrain versions and substituting these with increased low starch vegetables, think the veg that grow over the ground.

I must point out that sugar, overdoing the booze and ultra-processed foods are clearly a no-no when it comes to fat loss so if you eat a lot of these, this is the first step to tackle.  Beware hidden sugar also.

My third strategy is a combo of including more fat burning exercise as I’ve been slacking a bit on this lately as well as reducing stress (I’ve recently taken up yoga which is fantastic for stress reduction) and getting more and hopefully better quality sleep.

I’m topping this off with some carefully chosen supplements to help things along.

If you would like to shift some weight or are struggling to do so, get in touch and I will help you identify the underlying reasons for your weight gain and devise a bespoke plan for you to help you reach your goals.

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