What is Nutritional Therapy?

What is Nutritional Therapy?

I get asked this question a lot. Many think that it’s just to do with healthy eating and for those who want to have a bit more energy and lose weight! It’s about so much more!

Who are my typical clients – it varies but some of the areas I work most with are gastrointestinal issues ranging from reflux and IBS to candida and SIBO. Low thyroid function, migraine, diabetes, pre-diabetes and poor blood sugar control feature quite a lot as does female hormonal concerns like PMT or PCOS. My clients include men, children and teens. If you simply want to optimize your diet and work on prevention of ill health (good for you!), I can help you with that too.

Functional Testing – Depending on the client and their health concerns I may use a variety of lab based tests to get to the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms. These may include Stool Analysis, Adrenal Stress Index testing, SIBO breath tests or Organic Acid Testing.

Educating and Empowering – clients often tell me that they are tired of being fobbed off or told that it’s just stress/in your head/there’s no such thing as xyz… and are no longer prepared to accept that answer. It’s about helping you and empowering you to become your own health detective and educating you on how to make the best food and lifestyle choices for you.

Bespoke Plans – we are all different in so many ways. A way of eating that works for your friend doesn’t necessarily work for you. A supplement that works brilliantly for one person might be complete unnecessary for another, not to mention the huge variation in quality and bioavailability of supplements. Individualised plans are a must.

For more on nutritional therapy see https://ciararyannutrition.com/about-nutritional-therapy/.

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